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WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #133 |”Trouble On My Mind”.

Wordswithwade podcast episode 133 from Wade Bloggs

On this year ending episode Wade Bloggs, G Li and Scan discuss Drake’s Rap Radar interview and a few interesting things they learned, including of course Drake’s feelings on his “Loss” to Pusha T. The gang also discusses Tekashi’s sentencing and what they think will happen with him. They also review Andre 3000’s recent comments on his confidence, Jay z’s and President Obama’s end of the year playlist, the top selling artist of the decade and much, much, more.

WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #132 |”You Know My Style”.

WordsWithWade podcast episode 132 from Wade Bloggs

On this episode, Wade Bloggs, G Li and Scan discuss the passing of Juice Wrld and everything surrounding his untimely passing.

On a lighter note the gang moves to discuss the released line up for the upcoming “Something In The Water” festival, along with the rumor Wade has heard about Pharrell’s special guest this time.

The gang also discusses all the “end of the year/end of the decade” list that you see on your time line this time of year, and of course they get into the Nick Cannon vs Eminem beef, and it may not go the way you expect.

WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #130 | “All By Design”.

WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #130

On this episode Wade, Scan, and G Li talk about their holiday weekend, and do we need to change Thanksgiving like we changed Columbus day. They then get to the music as the gang discusses the new changes coming to billboard in 2020, The Millennium Tour 2020 and Omarion’s power move. The gang also goes over T.i.’s appearance on “Red Table Talk” Cudi’s “Entergalactic” rollout, expectations for Fab’s new release and much, much, more