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WordsWithWade Podcast Episoide #15 – Holiday Lit-uation Or Drink Champs 1.5


It’s Liiiiiit!!!! The studio is packed for the end of the year episode as Wade, G Li and Ari, are joined by DJ L.A. Beats, Pandaboy, Deveroe Dubois, and Baby Benz from Igotcha ent for the “WordsWithWade Holiday party”. Dont worry tho the gang still covers all the current events like Mtv’s hottest MC’s list, Trump meeting with Kanye, Jim Brown and Ray Lewis. The gang also talks about YoGotti signing to RocNation, Trey Songz new album, The WordsWithWade Awards, and much much more. Enjoy our party and see you 2017.

WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #14 – For Your Earz Only…


Wade, Ari, and Gli, discuss, J.coles new album, “4 Your Eyez Only”, and the fan theory behind it, Ab-Soul’s new album and him confirming a Kendrick and J.Cole’s album exist, Kanye and Kim divorce rumors, The new “Spider Man: Homecoming” trailer, Big Syke from Thuglife passing Away, Time’s list of worse movies of 2016, and much, much more. The gang also discusses the plans for next week’s show end of the year show, “The Lit-uation”.


WordsWithWade Podcast Episode #13 – If It Aint One “Ting”…


G Li rejoins Ari and Wade as they discuss everything that happened in hiphop this week from The LOX announcing their singing to RocNation and dropping an album this month, to J.Cole announcing his album this month, and dropping two standout tracks addressing Kanye, Wale and other “lil” rappers. The gang also talks about the HBO show “Insecure”, Wade’s pandering to Blac Chyna, French Montana and Drake’s “10 Snipe Commandments”, the upcoming year end show and much, much more.

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