The Game Says Ne-Yo Is His Nate Dogg

In a recent interview with MTV, The Game talked about his new album “L.A.X.” and how Ne-Yo is his Nate Dogg.

Ne-Yo appears twice on The Game’s new album “L.A.X.” on the songs “Camera Phone” and “Thug and a Gentleman”.

“I came up with a couple of concepts,” Game said. “Two times in a row, he outwrote on my hooks. They became Ne-Yo hooks. … Ne-Yo is like my Nate Dogg right now.”

The Game also touches on being briefly incarcerated earlier this year and said that correctional officers were purposely making him uncomfortable.

“They was doing all kinds of crazy stuff,” the MC said recently in New York. “They were playing G-Unit songs through the intercom while I was asleep. They was playing ‘Window Shopper’ just to irritate me. First couple of days, I was getting irritated and pissed off. But then it started to set in that this is a big game to them and they just kids, and they don’t really understand life yet. It was funny after a while. It wasn’t funny the first couple of times, though.”

The Game says “L.A.X.” is the first record where he “was able to record a studio album in peace — without drama, without anything rendering me helpless, without having to fight with my label or 50.”

The Game’s new album “L.A.X.” is in stores July 8.

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