Lil Kim 5 Months Behind On Bentley Payments, Repoman Comes For Car.

In a recent report by New York’s CW11 News on the rising numbers of car repossessions, Lil Kim received a visit from two repo men with CW11 cameras in tow.

The repo men had come to swipe Kim’s silver Bentley claiming that the rapper was four to five months behind in payments.

Kim would tell the repo men that her accountant would handle the situation and cursed out reporters asking for a comment.

“Get the fuck out here, you are so fucking ridiculous!” Kim told the reporters,.

You can view the video of Lil Kim’s repo visit by clicking the link below and watching the video titled ‘Business Is Good For Repo Men’.

Click Here


  • All media outlets have been issued with a state report requesting removal of this incorrect information . Failure to do so will result in prosecution.


  • Please forward any legal documentaion to

    once the documentation has benn verified, the above article will be removed. However keep in mind the video and basis for this article is provided by cw11 wpix TV.

    thank you.



  • Some of you bloggers are fucking dumb! That was Scott Storch’s car! We all know he’s having $$$ problems right & getting his shit repoed! Get your facts straight before you post false information your worthless fat pieces of shit bloggers!


  • ok, lets review, I didnt post false information, i simply report a story that was on the local news. Now it may be Scotts it may not be, i am not going to speculate. Im not like those other bloggers, i dont make up shit, I report facts nothing more, nothing less, besides. i got video on my side.

    to paraphrase Jigga
    “men lie, women lie, but video dosent”



  • Anybody can have a video! Do you have the registration & title …?
    Didn’t thinkso! Dumbass!
    I know KIM is far from going broke & is still sitting pretty!


  • Well you have your opinion, the story is now making the rounds on the web. So everyone will see it and read it. I actually like Kim, but facts are facts.

    She was in possesion, and they took it from her, simple as that.

    thanks for checking out my site tho. tell a friend.

    and if Kim wanna send me some tracks holla at me. if they hot i’ll post them.



  • Well look I’ll give you exclusive information since you wanna post shit on it!

    This is the fully story & the TRUTH people!

    Scott Storch (Kim’s ex) bought the car & gave it to KIM. He went bankrupt & fell behind on the payments while Kim didn’t have any knowledge of it. Right now as we speak, KIM is gonna pay the car off & just put it n her name. KIM is far from being broke! Just watch you will see her in that Bentley Coupe again… Just wait & watch!

    & for Christ sake’s people, leave the poor girl alone! She’s probly one of the sweetest, nicest people walking this Earth right now! *SMH*


  • I dont think i ever implied kim was broke, or having money issues.

    Listen its obvious you have a personal interest in this story, So i tell you what, you call kim, email kim, shit if you are kim, send me a pic of Kim in the bentley, and i’ll post it. is that fair enough. Im not going to say its Scott’s car, not without any proof. you not going to get me on that one homie.

    Also, I didnt say anything bad about Kim, like i said before i actually like kim, but my job it to report the news, thats all, i dont put my personal feelings out there. Just the facts.

    But since you have taken the trouble to go to almost every hip hop site, (yea, i saw) and tell anybody who cares thats its Scott’s car, blah, blah, blah. As a favor to Kim, i’ll post a pic or a video of her getting the car back. just send it to me.

    and if you going to throw insults atleast have the heart to register, that Anonymous shit is wack.



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