Ghostface Killah Cut Out Of ”Iron Man” Flick

Marvel’s new Iron Man film hits theaters this week and despite early reports that Wu-Tang rapper, Ghostface Killah, would make a cameo appearance in the flick, it has discovered that he’s nowhere to be found in the final version.

“Marvel and Paramount eliminated the story line that led to Ghostface’s scene in Dubai,” a spokesperson for Ghostface said. “Robert Downey Jr. [who plays Iron Man] was having a party in Dubai where he runs into Ghostface and they have some dialogue, an exchange about lending each other yachts and Bentleys.”

To make up for the disappointment of landing on the cutting room floor, Iron Man director Jon Favreau put in a call to Ghost himself to apologize, smoothing things over by making sure to keep a touch of Ghostface in the film by adding some musical elements.

“After the change John Favreau called apologizing and made a quick fix by licensing the ‘Celebrate’ video,” Ghost’s rep said. “Then Def Jam allowed us to replace the music with an original song for the movie, which all happened within 3 days and 5 days before [the] final edit.”

Ghost’s affinity for Iron Man has been hugely evident throughout his career, thanks to the Staten Island MC’s adoption of Tony Stark – the super hero’s real identity – as an alter ego as well as his decision to title his solo debut Ironman.

Iron Man hits theaters May 2nd.

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