ImHipHop End of The Year Address

As We are about to move on to 2008, I look back at this past year with Bittersweet memories.

The Bitter: Not winning any Black Blogger awards (yea I’m still salty about that) The whole Brickhouse situation (holla at me Sean), just alot of things didn’t go the way I planned this year, the sweet, Being recognized, regardless of how the offers ended up, They all complemented my site, and my work ethic and really isnt that all anybody wants? For somebody to recognize how hard you work?

I think I deserve some credit, considering that I do this all myself, I’m not in New York, I dont work for a hip hop magazine, I dont have a team of cats posting, and I dont have a sexy co-host who can interview these rap cats(no dis, just facts).

Its just me L.

Ya’ll have no idea how i break my neck for this site, but I love hip hop so I do it for my culture.

When I changed the site back in October, It was meet with mixed response, alot of you loved it, some of you didnt see the need for change. In hindsight, i did it to compete with the other sites, and to really expand on my HTML knowledge. Im still working on a new banner, and some more things.

One thing that came up, is alot of you commented on my “Lack of Exclusive Content”.
I take that as meaning interviews, music and such.

Well, I dont do interviews, just point blank, unless they wanna do email interviews, I’m not the interviewing type. Take it as you want.

I created a section called “1st look” to addresss that very issue. Everything in the 1st look post, I believe I’m posting first. Whether its an album cover, magazine or whatever, thats why its in that section.

Now I get 7000 daily hits, so anybody can copy one of my 1st look things and post it on their site and call it their 1st look. It really began to urk me, because most of the time if I take something from another site I try to give credit(hence the source sites) but nobody gives me credit. That’s one reason why I have the time listed under each post, so you my readers can say “Hey L posted it 1st”, but that’s not happening.

Alot of times i’ll post a song weeks before some sites. So if you wanna call that exclusive you can.

So I went out an copped some software that lets me tag my photos. Now for those of you that dont know what tagging is, its where a word or logo can appear across a photo. So people can know where the pic came from. I’m going to start tagging every and anything I post 1st.

Something else I’ve started is the ImHiphop Store. You can now purchase ImHipHop Shirts, wife beaters and the Official Eye Candy Tee Shirt. See here

Well I wanna Show love to those of you who cop these items, So Im starting a new post where if you send me pics of you rocking your IHH gear, I’ll post it. I also am going to start holding Photoshots for the Eye Candy models, and to further show that I’m not just taking peoples pictures of the internet and i actually have spoken to all the females I post, watch out for the women to start rocking the “Official Eye Candy” shirts.

In 2008 I wanna make this site one of the premier Hip Hop sites out. So if ya’ll have any suggestions, anything ya’ll would like to me add or change on this site. Please leave a comment. Blogger now has it so u dont have to have a google membership to comment.

So let me know what ya’ll think.


P.S. Oh yea, Happy New year.


  • it’s tru, u be havin alot of the exclusives especially music…but keep workin on da site, i check it every day on my rotation.1


  • yea, yea, yea. your sites the shit and nobody knows it. Waaaaaaaaahwhat u want a cookie??


  • sup bro, just read ur little post, i can see where u coming from and see who your talkin about rtny… its my first time reading this blog.. some1 actually left a comment on rtny abt ur site.. all i can say is keep up the hard work cause it really does pay off. i still remember the first time i checked rtny.. it was so basic just a standard wordpress blog… it really has come along way.. so keep up grinding and sure enough you’ll get noticed and appreciated… looks like i be adding this site to 1 ofmy dialy visits…1 love


  • LOL,ok this whole thing is funny to me now. I wasnt just talking about RealTalkNY, i was talking about all bloggers.i actualy left a comment on the RTNY trying to explain.peep it hereI think dudes misunderstood what i was saying. i wasnt throwing shots at anybody or even bitching. I think i even said that. And it wasnt all about RealtalkNY when i said i dont work for a hiphop magazine i was talking about eskay, a team of cats posting was highbird nation, ok the sexy cohost thing was Joy, but i dont think calling her sexy is a diss. And Most hip hop bloggers are based out of New york.Allthese things werent mean to be disses, these were just facts i wanted to bring up. Fact is if you go to my myspace page I list all of ya’ll along with Rizoh, and others as the reason i started blogging in the 1st place. The point of the whole entry was to just say I do alot, i know i could do more but its just me. I’m surprised this has even became an issue. What a way to end 2007.


  • lol i didnt take it as a shot or diss, just ur points kinda matched rtny, with it being in ny, some interviews, co host, imo its nt an issue in the slightest, keep grinding.1


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