Word On the Net

Since I got such a positive response with my rumors last week, I thought I would bring them back and give them there own post.


Word On the Net is Young Buck is Suppose to have a reality show upcoming. word to illseed and Freeze Fiyah!!!
Its suppose to come out with his album, but they keep pushing the album back.

Word On the Net is Hi-Five, you remember them, ( i like the waaaaay, you kiss me when we playing the kissing game) anywayz they have a new song feat. Mike Jones and Paul Wall. Don’t Belive me???? Here it go.

Word On the Net is Runs house will be back in April, They are Still dealing with the Lose of their newborn.

Word On the Net is Mariah Carey is in Playboy this month. Sound like a good deal, but she Didnt take nothing off. How wack is that??? She should just pose in maxim then.

Word On the Net is Remy ma, Jacki-o and Shawnna, have a name for their group. I thought B.W.A. but they going with 3sum.

Word On the Net is Eddie Murphy wants to play James Brown in the Biopic that Spike is doing.
But apparently Usher has already been cast in the role. Sooooo looks like Spike got a choice to make. To bad James ain’t here to pick for himself. What happened to the Rick James movie????

Word On the Net is J.D. is going to be the V.P. of Def jam. Which Means he will be under 1 Shawn Carter. Also J.D. Is Bringing over his Whole So So Def Staff.

Word On the Net is Game’s Little homie Juice Got Stuck For his Jewels.

Word On the Net is Some Miscellaneous rapper has a sex tape online, nothing major, i just thought i would put him out there for a sec.

Word On the Net is 50 Cent has a track on his new album “Before I Self Destruct”.feat. Jay-Z produced by Dr.Dre Word is Jay-Z shouts out the unit at the start of the track and even throws in a “GGGGG-Unit”. Dont shot the messenger I got it from the mad writer(tell em why you mad son, tell em why you mad)

That’s it for this week ya’ll So tell me what you think

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